Here's to saying "yes" to the crazy, unexpected things in life. Get on an elephant. 🐘 Seriously. I recommend it. Not just for fun, but it'll put life into perspective for you real quick. While on an elephant you don't feel that safe [no seat straps], you think you're moving slow but you're actually moving rather quickly, you may feel like you're gonna fall but the key is to look straight ahead. It'll be bumpy but he's got you, you're not going anywhere, their backs are super wide. You're holding on tightly to what you have while on him, not really realizing that could totally just slip out of your hands and fall right with you. 

Here's what I was reminded of today - ENJOY life because it's passing rather quickly. Hold "things" loosely & the people you love tighter. Be confident - you are smart. Brave. A leader - keep your head up. Look beyond the now to where you're actually going, savor the journey. The elephant in your life will actually bow to you if you take control. You're the only thing keeping you back from kicking booty at whatever you do. Change your thoughts, change your life!