10th Anniversary of the Jesus Storybook Bible!

We can't sing loud enough praises for the Jesus Storybook Bible. This is most definitely our FAVORITE children's Bible.

This Bible has captured Ezra's heart. He loves to hear the stories....and the beautiful illustrations are so inspiring to me. Reading a story together has become something we do, almost daily. Its so important to me that we make the time [even while on vacation.....yes, these photos aren't from Montana....we were in Hawaii!] to get into Gods word. Im believing that these seeds of Truth will produce lasting fruit. We must make time for the things that are important. 

If you have yet to purchase this for your little one......please do! It's a powerful tool as we raise up our little arrows.

To celebrate the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Jesus Storybook Bible.....we are hosting a giveaway over on our Instagram page. **Winner will be announced Monday, March 20th

Thank you Sally Lloyd Jones and Zondervan for publishing and making these wonderful books available to us. Forever thankful for all that you do. 

*Photos by Hollie of Juniper & Bloom