Counting Blessings

Counting Blessings by Eileen Spinelli is a sweet counting board book that my little Stella loved right from the start. The pretty illustrations by Lee Holland make it fun & playful. Stella knows how to count, but not how to read just yet. So, I love this book because it gives her confidence and we are learning to read the words together. The blessings are numbered 1 to 10, simple for any little one to follow along. Also, it's a sweet way to get preschoolers to think about what they're thankful for & I love that so much! Stella has this sitting on her bed, so it's a go-to every night ... plus, now that we've read it so much, she enjoyed reading to her animals. So, we took the book outside & made a fun day of it! For quick reference, you can purchase this book here.