The Easter Robin

We can not get enough of Zondervan books! They're simply the best, highest quality books in content & beauty! Collecting books for our little ones is such a treasure & something we hope they will keep always.

This Easter we're reading The Legend of the Easter Robin [An Easter Story of Compassion & Faith] by Dandi Daley Mackall. The story is about a little girl anticipating the arrival of the baby Robin eggs outside her window. I love the legend her grandmother shares of the robin's red breast which is an old Pennsylvania Dutch tale. The point of the legend is a celebration of the robin's compassion & of Christ's sacrifice.

I didn't know this but the Pennsylvania Dutch are given credit for bringing egg coloring to the United States & for being the first to decorate trees with Easter birds!

The symbolism throughout the book truly makes it unique & special. The robin is a sign of spring, and it can remind us of Christ's love for us, his death & resurrection. The birds' nests help us remember Christ's crown of thorns and the first Easter baskets were made to look like nests. How amazing ... loved reading that & sharing those truths with our little ones.

The illustration I loved most about the book was that the robin's red breast is a symbol of Christ's suffering & love. And that the Easter eggs remind us of our new life in Christ.

All of this fascinating story is found in ONE incredible book & I loved sharing it with the children. To get your hands on a copy to read to your little ones, you can go HERE to order! It's a true classic that every child needs on their bookshelf!