Friendship ..... Wild & Free

It was really special that we were able to spend so much time together last year [2015]. We spent a weekend in Northern California // San Francisco, as well as Nashville // Atlanta, while we spoke at the Pursuit Conference.

There's nothing like being near those who mean so much, especially while you're going through the fire. Vanessa has walked though four devastating losses with me. Loosing both parents, my younger sister and a pregnancy ending early at just 6 weeks....all in just 5 years. Talk about a friend who is committed.....through all seasons of life.

Back in November, Vanessa was able to come to Montana for a visit. The last time she was here, we were both pregnant with Stella & Ezra. So, it had certainly been a while since she was here. As we were planning the trip.....a day at Glacier Park was top priority.

Whenever I get to spend some time in Glacier National refocuses my mind and sets my eyes upwards. It's such a peaceful place.....and I cant help but imagine if its truly a glimpse of what awaits us, in Heaven.

There's one hike in particular that leaves me in tears. It's not the actual hike that brings me to tears.....but the final stretch, the shrub and tree branches you must crawl over and under, before the trail opens up to real life majesty on earth. I get chills.....tears fill my eyes....and I cant help but think about how unfathomably creative our great God is....and that He would leave such a beautiful mark on this earth for us to enjoy.

When Vanessa and I got serious about planning her trip here to Whitefish, Montana.....I could not wait to take her to Glacier. She had been here before, but we just didn't make it to the Park. It was high priority for us this time around. Totally worth it.

My sweet photographer friends, Jeremiah & Rachel came along with us.....and were so kind to document our day together. We had such a great day....and these photos truly are a gift to us. Vanessa and I are always the ones with camera in hand and other than our husbands stepping in [and they do a REALLY great job, by the way] to take a random photos of us here and there, we haven't had photos taken of us, in our element [and not being creative directors] sisters and friends.

We both teared up when the photos were sent over to us that evening. I see Gods my sweet friendship with Vanessa. He knew what trials we would walk through together, before our paths even crossed. He knew she would be the friend to endure the weight of my pain and sorrow. He knew she wouldn't leave in the seasons where the fun wore out for a while. She was by my side. She prayed with me...out loud, on my behalf when I couldn't find my words. 

So, here's a little glimpse into our time at Glacier Park, but more importantly.....a glimpse into our friendship.


Dare to love and to be a real friend. The love you give and receive is a reality that will lead you closer and closer to God as well as those whom God has given you to love.
-Henri J.M. Nouwen

Well, that's our day at Glacier National Park! Too bad you can't hear all of our laughs......there was a lot of laughter! Memories for the books, indeed!

A huge THANK YOU again to Jeremiah & Rachel [follow them on Instagram too!] for documenting our day, but more than that......for their friendship. Having creative buddies in my small town in Montana is a treasure!

Kelli's wearing BOGGS boots [which are on SALE!] and Vanessa is wearing SOREL.