A sweet collection of Christmas books

I really appreciate books like this, especially this time of year. Don't get me wrong....we love our share of Polar Express and Elf around the house, but these resources from ZonderKidz is such a blessing.  Theres so much grabbing for our attention during the holidays so having these sweet books around our house- in the play room and on our coffee table- has made it easy to protect moments through out the day as we head into Christmas. 

I loved Goodnight Manger. Maybe because I am a new mom to baby #2 so I am very much in the newborn phase at the moment, but Ive always pictured the manger scene as quiet and peaceful. Thats the picture thats been painted in my mind all these years. But this book.....it paints a different picture and one that seems more accurate to me. Joseph and Mary are trying to get [and keep] baby Jesus asleep! Just imagine the chaos with animals involved....and a bed of hay thats NOT filled with down feathers! This just made me smile....and made this famous story in the Bible more relatable to me. I loved this line of the book....

Three kings knock at stable door. With royal pomp and gifts galore!

Christmas doesn't end around our house the day after Christmas.....as Ezra continues to be in awe and wonder of his new toys.....we'll be diving into activity books and continue to read stories about Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas.