The Beginner's Bible

Stella is now four and a half and her only Bible to date has been the Beginner's Bible collection ... & I believe it's truly the BEST. 

The Beginner’s Bible is a storybook Bible that comes in the KJV and NIRV with really pretty 3-D art inside, ideal for a young child's first experience with a new Bible! It's perfect for those who are being read to and those who are starting to read on their own. Stella still enjoys being read to, which I love because we both can read & learn together. 

What I think is really great about the Beginner's Bible series is that they're also available as board books for toddlers and preschoolers, and fun resources like coloring and activity books! Both of which we have & both of which she still uses and turns too. The coloring & activity books are HUGE!

So, it gets better. The Beginner's Bible has a website with games and parent resources that are so wonderful but my FAVORITE part is they now have an App for your iPhone that comes in so handy for us!  The kids are always reaching for the phone, but we limit what they can do. I recently added this app to my iPhone & Stella enjoys playing around in there. I love that she has access to spiritual and educational activities to keep her busy while we’re out and about, traveling, or even looking for fun tech based resources to use together. 


 We'd love to gift you & a friend a copy of the NEW Beginner's Bible. Hop over on Instagram to read how to enter! Super easy. This Bible is truly the perfect gift for your little one[s] so that they can have a tremendous resource now & always!