Stella Turns Three!

We all say it, think it and can't believe it when a new year rolls around & we find ourselves singing the birthday song again. How can it be?!? It just is. And while I promise I tell her every single day to stay little, I can't help but see my son who's now 7 [who I constantly asked to stay little too] and smile so big that he is who he is today. Honestly, I really wouldn't want him to still be 3, I want him to stay 7 [ha!] ... because life right now is so sweet.

So, while I wish my sweet Stella Love would stay tiny forever, I celebrate a new year of growth. She is so proud to be 3, so happy to have a big girl bed, so thrilled to lose the diapers, extremely proud to help empty the dishwasher with her big brother, reach the sink to wash her own hands & the list goes on. I would never want to take those proud moments from her. She is our BIG girl & I am SO PROUD to be her mother. Her THIRD year of life is off to a celebratory start. We LOVE you, baby girl.

// Stella had the best time celebrating with family & friends at her Unicorn Ice Cream Party ... + big brother Noah watercolored the sweet Lily the Unicorn artwork for her. The perfect gift. A perfect birthday. XO

J Crew Birthday Crown | Shop Sweet Lulu Decor | Artwork by Noah x