Believe Storybook | Think, Act, Be Like Jesus

Finding books that are centered on truth + peak the interest of young boys in grade school can be a hard task. What is intriguing about the Believe Storybook is that author Randy Frazee made it a point to not begin the book entirely about the Old Testament ... which pulled us into the storybook and had us glued to the pages.

Believe explores some of the greatest themes of the bible ... love, forgiveness, hope & purpose. So, rather than beginning with the book of Genesis and ending in Revelation, the storybook begins with the greatness of God and ends with the humility of Jesus ... while encountering the well known Bible characters & stories we know and love.

In one chapter, it gives an Old Testament and New Testament story that have a common theme & the "Jump to Jesus" section within the chapter provides the bridge between the two stories. CLEVER .. I love it & am super intrigued each time we read a new chapter. It truly is a fresh approach to studying the Bible ... it keeps us curious.

What we truly enjoy MOST about the storybook are the questions at the end of each chapter. Big questions, like ... Who is God? How do I keep my focus on Jesus? How do I deal with struggles in life? Believe then sets out to find the answers, with the aim of encouraging our kids to Think, Act, and Be like Jesus. What beautiful, thought-provoking questions those are ... it's not only a tool that's ministering to my son, but to me as well.

Since we homeschool, I've decided the Believe Storybook is a PERFECT study for us this summer. It's a beautiful way to begin our days ... I highly recommend you do the same. Extremely THANKFUL this book found it's way to our home. Noah was inspired to watercolor the cover ... !