Toy Spray DIY | Kelli & Vanessa Essentials

We love oils! Collectively we've been using essential oils for over two years & they are very much apart of our lifestyle. Throughout our homes, we have many DIY's we've created using our oils & thought it would fun to share some of those with you! So first up in our DIY series is the >>> TOY SPRAY <<<. For those with kids, you know you need this everyday! Not only is it extremely safe for the kiddos, it's especially handy when someone in the house has a cold. To top it off, it's super easy to make! 


I2 oz glass spray bottle | 1 tsp. witch hazel | 10 drops of Thieves Oil | 5 drops Lemon Oil | Fill with water after all ingredients have been added & shake.

If you currently do not use essential oils but have been curious, know it does not have to seem overwhelming. We are a part of a team with over 3k members who are ready to educate & support you! So if you'd like to learn more about the everyday uses for essential oils, we will be hosting an Essential Oils 101 class this month, so follow us over on @kelliandvanessaessentials to join the class!

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