"God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble." Psalm 46:1 #seedsfortheheart

Jesus himself is our present refuge and future victory. God’s past record of strong protection for his people is a present comfort for us today. So even if the unthinkable should occur - God’s faithfulness to His promises [drives away] fear. There is no better foundation to base your life on. TRUST Him, do not be afraid.

#seedschallenge If you feel led, open up conversation by asking your children what are some things that make them feel afraid or worried. Then share the importance of hiding this biblical truth in their hearts. God is present in every circumstance, it's teaching them in the middle of that fearful situation to stop, quote their verses they've hidden in their hearts & to pray. His word is powerful & life-giving ... no fear resides where life lives.

To encourage you to keep this front of mind, we've created a FREE wallpaper download for your phone below. May it remind you throughout the week to keep God's word in your heart. XO

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