Spring Has Arrived ... !

SPRING is here ... praises! The weather has been so beautiful in Texas, we can't help but head outdoors to lounge in the sun & read some of our favorite books while we picnic and explore. With Easter soon upon us, it was only fitting to bring along one of our most favorite books currently, "Bunny's First Spring". To begin with, anything that Sally Lloyd-Jones writes, we will read. Do you own her book, The Jesus Storybook Bible? Her way of telling the story of the Gospel is like no other. Sometimes the simple point of view is the best one.

So, without question, Bunny's First Spring is everything I thought it would be & more. I love how a simple book about a bunny experiencing the seasons would have hidden nuggets of deep truth. The story begins with the birth of the bunny in spring & we see the bunny experience the seasons questioning all that's happening & why. Then as the ground begins to thaw & the sleepers awake there you will read this ...

"Below the snow hidden in every root, inside every bud, in every seed, a secret was stirring ... "

When I read this I instantly thought - how magnificent! The creation of the Lord is awe-inspiring and beautifully relates to the bigger story. Though sometimes in life we may walk through dark valleys that seem dry and barren, God is still there stirring up something new. His purpose is in every single detail, down to the roots in the ground. His promises reign true & always will. New life is coming ... it will always come.

So, while Stella enjoyed the beautiful illustrations & story as I read along, I embraced once again the brilliant writing of Sally Lloyd-Jones. I highly recommend Bunny's First Spring [Zondervan] & what a perfect book to gift for Easter. We welcome this to our every growing collection. - Vanessa x