Fearfully + Wonderfully Made

God wove you. Like a tapestry, each of us is a complex creature. All of our parts work together; each with a different job to do and all depending on the other parts. God works with the skill that confounds man. We recall the first creation which began it all. When God formed that initial human pair, He skillfully added mechanisms which would operate on the basis of natural law so that they would be able to re-create themselves. The Psalmist correctly identifies God as the Master Worker who is the source of our origin.

This should elicit praise and thanksgiving from our hearts. We are “fearfully” [awe] and “wonderfully” [to distinguish] made. Each of us [is] unique in many ways, but also similar in many; each an original masterpiece of the Creator. Don't deny this aspect of your identity [too many have done so]. God can use your special abilities; He has a purpose for you! - Jon W. Quinn