As parents, we've been entrusted with the privilege of being stewards of our children's lives for a short period of time. That is a great deal of responsibility & one that can honestly weigh heavily on us if we ponder on it for too long.

How can I be a better parent? How could I have handled that situation differently? Why did I raise my voice for no reason? The list of faults could go on and on and on.

So, while it's clear we're far from being perfect, there is indeed one thing we can most certainly do right. We can teach & train our children to hide God's word in their hearts.

The Bible says a child who is diligently trained in the “way he should go” will remain true to that way in this life and reap its rewards in the next. There's nothing greater than being able to apply a verse your family has learned to your everyday life circumstances.

To be successful at memorizing Scripture, we must be convinced that it is important, because it takes discipline. To get started we must make it a priority and work on it daily. It will strengthen our faith, our witness, our prayers, and our knowledge of God and His Word.

#seedsfortheheart is centered on hiding God's word in your heart ... & in the hearts of your children. Download the verses, add them as a screen saver on your phone - whatever it takes. Fill your heart and mind with the things of God. The payoff will revolutionize every area of your life. Our first post begins this evening with a new one every Monday!