My Everyday Creator Series: Micki Current w/ Geo Supply Co

[#1] When did you launch Geo Supply Co and what prompted you to start your own business?

I launched my Etsy jewelry shop Geo Supply Co. in spring of this year. Selling my own jewelry has been a little dream baby of mine for quite some time. While I was on maternity leave this past winter I finally found the guts to start to make it happen. Making jewelry became my personal getaway time in the midst of the beautiful chaos of having a newborn. My sweet husband would shoo me into my workroom to get some jewelry making done. (He's a saint.) Somewhere along the way I mustered up the courage to put my product out there into the universe.

[#2] What tool/marketing strategy has helped you the most in regards to getting your business noticed?

Instagram and bloggers have been so valuable in helping me market Geo Supply Co. I consider myself a business rookie, for sure, but I've already noticed you have to knock on a lot of doors to get anywhere. The disappointments and dead ends can be disheartening but, in the end, it makes the success and the journey even sweeter!

[#3] Share with us a few of your tips on balancing motherhood and business.

I think the secret to balancing motherhood and business might be as elusive as unicorns! Some days I feel like a one-woman juggling act, spinning 10 plates at once! In all seriousness, though, mamas should find a routine that works for them AND their littles - and try to be a stickler to sticking to it but with room for grace. I find myself guilty of not getting work done during nap time or other down times because I tell myself I can just work on it later that night. I say, "Ok, practice some self-discipline now by working so I can be PRESENT with my family later." Also, I depend on coffee and a whole lotta Jesus!

[#4] Divulge one of your dreams for your business.

One of my business dreams is to be able to expand my jewelry shop enough so that I can have my shop be connected to contributing to worthier causes. I'm not quite there and I'm okay with that because you've got to start somewhere. 

[#5] What advice do you have for moms who have a creative dream in their heart and desire to start their own business from home?

My advice to mamas who have business dreams stirring in their hearts: GO FOR IT. You'll regret not taking the risk. And, even if the dream takes shape in an unexpected form, BE PROUD of yourself for taking chances and chasing dreams.

[#6] Tell us about your working space.

My workspace has become my own little haven. Again, my husband (the saint) has surrendered most of his personal space for the sake of all my crafting and making.

[#7] Name 3 mompreneurs who inspire you.

@jessaconnolly // @smileandwave // @elisejoy 

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