Meet Vanessa


Hello friends, my name is Vanessa [@butterflysparks]! First of all, thank you so much for supporting Kelli & I ... this community is chalk full of incredible people & I'm [extremely] humbled to be a part of it.

My family & I reside in Dallas, TX [born & raised y'all] but recently just relocated back to TX from Nashville, TN. I'm married to a worship leader [who I met in a barn, don't ask] & am a SAHM to a sweet boy who's 6 & a sassy little lady who's 2. We love Jesus & as citizens of the Kingdom have a heart to see a generation of church-goers be agents of change in their communities.

My journey to becoming a SAHM is a huge part of my story. Since graduating college & moving to Nashville, I was hell-bent on working my way up the "corporate ladder" and being a successful business woman. When I have a goal in mind, it's tunnel vision y'all. I'm a go big or go home personality. So, I moved to Nashville to work for Big Idea Productions/Veggie Tales & then worked for almost 10 years for what's now known as Capitol Records. Looking back, working with musicians everyday & building extensive marketing campaigns for over 35 artists was crazy but my goodness oh-so-fun. From the very beginnings of MySpace, Facebook & everything else following, I managed all social media plans & what a ride that was!

Fast forward to giving birth to our son, my business-minded self came to a stand still. In that moment, everything I [key word] was working to accomplish in my life quickly became null & void. All my heart desired was to be home with my baby. Me & him, him & me. Without even blinking, my mind said enough & my heart said yes. So, we prayed & trusted God with our desires & it was 2 years later that He opened a door & now here I am a few years later ... at home with our two children & my heart is FULL.

Currently, I work from home as the Operations Director for a ministry I'm passionate about @awakenmovement, I homeschool our son, I'm also a creative stylist for editorial shoots & I blog alongside my sister-friend Kelli because collectively we thrive on cultivating relationships & both have that creative entrepreneurial spirit that's too good to ignore. | BLESSED & THANKFUL!