Who In The World Are Kelli & Vanessa

HELLO friends!

Its been 91 weeks since we’ve told you a little bit about ourselves…..and we think thats 91 weeks too long!


Below are a few fun facts about each of us and for a chance to win a #lovewritesabeautifulstory tee, leave one comment on Instagram with your guesses that match facts that belong to Kelli or Vanessa.

You have 24 hours from now to submit your comment and the first person to leave their ONE COMMENT WITH ALL [OR THE MOST] CORRECT FACT MATCHES WINS a tee!

Good Luck!

+Who was on Star Search when she was 14 years old?

+ Who marketed records for Grammy award winning artists for 10 years?

+ Who has held branding & social media workshops?

+ Who was on an episode of House Hunters in 2011?

+ Who owns/operates a frozen yogurt + coffee shop?

+ Who's the Operations Director for a non-profit organization?

+ Who's a creative stylist for editorial shoots?

+ Who was a top 25 songwriter finalist on American Idol?

+ Whose first job in Nashville was with Big Idea Productions/Veggie Tales?

+ Who met her husband in a barn?