Our Favorite iPhone Editing Apps

Welcome to our very first post in our brand new Photography Topic series! If there is a specific topic you'd like for us to cover, please let us know in the comment box below. 

Photography is something that we are both passionate about. We love it so much that we have hosted numerous workshops together around the country covering topics such as photography, styling, social media platforms and the art of storytelling.

Our collaborative projects have been featured on A Beautiful MessCreature ComfortsGifted Magazine by Creature ComfortsClickin Moms & TML FocusWe have also partnered with companies such as Buick/GM, Aden + Anais, Boba, Bla Bla dolls, Artifact Uprising, Famous Footwear and more.

There's nothing more exciting to us than having the opportunity to encourage and inspire people in their everyday lives, with the tools we have at hand. This love for photography has grown even more since becoming mothers. We truly enjoy documenting our children's lives and as the saying goes....the best camera you have is the one that you have with you at all times. 

For us, our iPhones are with us daily. Therefore, the majority of our everyday images are shot and edited with our phones. And because of this, we are thankful for the awesome photo editing apps we have available to us.

Today we are sharing with you a few of our favorite everyday iPhone apps : VSCO, Pictapgo, Over & A Beautiful Mess. 

VSCO (Visual Supply Co –  is pronounced vis-co.) This app is gorgeous and super easy to use. We have a few film cameras of our own in our arsenal, but VSCO comes without the price tag of buying and developing large amounts of film. We love having this film effect on our iPhone! This app is FREE, but we have purchased additional presets within the app.

The S Series: Bright + Clean preset pack is one of our everyday go-to's. Flourishing with bright results, S1, S2 and S3 generates beautiful skin tones and achieves optimal results when paired with portraits or landscapes with lighter backgrounds. You can find this preset within the VSCO app- just click on the store link. This is priced at .99 cents. The S Series: Bright + Clean pack is also included in the Bundle pack, which offers an additional 38 Presets to the 10 provided Presets for only $5.99. This bundle is a great place to start for sure!

Pictapgo This is another easy to use app. What we love most about this app is the availability to mix, blend & stack different pre-sets which you can not do with VSCO. Another cool feature within this app is the availability to save your mixes and stacks as "recipes" to use on other images that you import later. This app is $1.99

Over This is the very app we use for our My Everyday Series. We type out each moms name on their profile image, before we upload it to our IG feed. We needed something clean and quick and it didn't take long for us to find the perfect font. This company has collaborated with some pretty awesome graphic artists so you can purchase additional fonts and artwork within the app as well. 

A Beautiful Mess This super fun app was created by our friends Elsie & Emma of A Beautiful Mess blog, and we love what they have done! We have been a fan of Elsie's hand drawn illustrations for years now and so we were stoked that she created a way for us to incorporate her custom hand drawn beauties into our own photo projects. From words, phrases and doodles....this app is packed full of inspiration! Definitely a great one to use when putting together a photo book- it really gives you an extra punch of awesomeness without having to use photoshop.

The best advice we can give you when it comes to editing your photos is that a great image starts off- in camera. Regardless of the tools or programs you use in the post process...you are working with the image that you took before any filter or preset was applied. Focus on creating beautiful images from the get-go and then utilize these editing apps to enhance what already exists. Experiment and enjoy the process....and be true to who you are and what authentically reflects you and your season in life. 

What are a few of your favorite photo editing apps? Do have any specific topics you'd like for us to cover? Let us know! 

Have a great week, friends!