How did this happen. How?!? Not long ago, I was rocking a swaddled baby to sleep for hooours & all she wanted was me. I was her source of nourishment & her comfort. It was exhausting & draining & at times made me think I needed crazy pills. But now ... oh, now I barely remember the stress of those days & really more the sweetness of that time. Isn't it funny how that is? In the end, we only remember the good. But I don't want to be a better reflector than a doer ... so here's to reminding myself that my every day, although packed with craziness, are the best days. To embrace the good now for all it's worth ... & it's worth a lot - my whole life!

Now, my sweet girl is extremely independent, BEYOND crazy in love with her daddy & "bubba" and is a funny little gal. With the celebration of each birthday, I'm a little sad but then also really excited because so many new things are on the horizon. She communicates pretty well right now, but next year I know it'll be non-stop chatter. I can't wait to hear her little voice & witness her personality grow. She is loved more than her mind could ever comprehend ... & I love that the Lord loves her MORE.

So thankful to be her mother. My heart SWELLS with gratitude. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Stella Love ... you are a treasure my sweet girl. XO

// We had a little celebration at the lake ... We surprised Stella with a PINK Strider bike! Stella loves flowers, so we had fun with picking & planting flowers too. Happy girl!