Favorite Motherhood Moments, pt. 2

Talking photography with you + our sponsor, @aperturent has been so fun this week! Thank you for joining in and asking great questions! A few of you asked how we manage to photograph busy toddlers. My advice would be to EMBRACE THE EVERYDAY. Our kids are busy little bees and it's only for a season....so throw out your preconceived idea of what defines a perfect image. In my opinion....the most perfect photo of Ezra that I can capture right now is of him being him! Yes, that simple......and a lot less pressure. It's important to me, as a photographer to document authentic images....& right now that doesn't mean a 22 month old sitting perfectly in a chair, smiling at my camera. Photo Tip // Think outside the box. I knew that Ezra would be strapped in to a cart when I was at Home Depot. So, I brought my camera in, in hopes for a different spin on a photo for my 52 week portrait series I'm doing. This is what I got! And it's exactly what I had hoped for! So, tell us what you shoot with, a lens that's on your wish list, a question you have about a certain brand/lens - anything! We want to see your photos that show your favorite moments of being a mama! Hashtag #askkelliandvanessa or comment below & we'll write you back! - Kelli