Favorite Motherhood Moments, pt. 1


Hi mamas!

As Kelli mentioned in our last post, we're excited to open up dialogue regarding photographing our kids! It's something we ALL do - ALL the time. Some of you document with an iPhone only, others with certain cameras & lenses ... either way, we, along with our sponsor @aperturent want to see how YOU document your favorite motherhood moments!

Here's one of mine - Stella smack in the middle of a shoot I'm prepping for. As a mom who works from home, I've learned to embrace this. I love that her creativity & curiousity can be stimulated simply by being surrounded by what I do! I shot this image with a Canon 60D, 50mm f/1.4. This portrait lens is light weight which makes it easy to carry around in my bag!

So, tell us what you shoot with, a lens that's on your wish list, a question you have about a certain brand/lens - anything! We want to see your photos that show your favorite moments of being a mama! Hashtag #askkelliandvanessa or comment below & we'll write you back! - Vanessa @butterflysparks #aperturenttalks