Creator Series: Chelsi Dubay // Alpine Baby Co.


[#1.] When did you launch Alpine Baby CO and what prompted you to start your own Business? 

I launched Alpine Baby Co. on January 1st, 2014- Although I’ve racked my brain for the last two years, trying to think of something original to make and design. The desire to stay at home with my babes, and pour out my childhood creativity with my love for color, grew so strong I couldn’t ignore it. With my absolutely amazing husband’s support, and some courage- I began the second biggest journey of my life, other than having my two babes.


[#2] What tool/marketing strategy has helped you the most in regards to getting your business noticed? 

In the beginning stages, I sent my leggings to a handful of inspirational Momma’s that I had been admiring for a long time on IG. Asked them for some creative criticism, and prayed to God that I had finally made a product worth sharing. The feedback I received was enough encouragement to take the plunge and out of love, they shared my Adventure Leggings with everyone else.

My marketing strategy consists of one word, Give. Be giving, be generous. Share your product with each person you come in contact with, and pour your heart and soul into giving to others. Volunteer your product for charity auctions always. Say yes when people ask to collaborate. It’s a lot of work, but the joy you’ll get from that extra bit of work is worth it in the long run. Oh & no judging others businesses, numbers aren’t everything. 


 [#3] Share with us a few of your tips on balancing motherhood and business. 

If you were to walk into my home at any given time, you’d see my girls in PJ’s, three unfolded loads of laundry sitting in baskets, and a bag full of packaged orders waiting to be shipped out. There’s no secret here... I don’t have balance. There’s no such thing as balance. Putting more effort into one category, means less effort in another.

What I’ve found works best for our family is leaving an open schedule, with NO to-do list. I have reminders on the calendar, flagged emails that need responding to, and pending orders to make by a certain date. Those are the ONLY three things I work off of. The rest I leave to God. I take time with the girls doing whatever we feel like, and fill in chores when possible. This method is ten times less stressful, and more flexible to maintain as a family unit.


[#4] Divulge on of your dreams for your business.

Oh sheesh. Just one?! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to explode in sales and within a couple years, be able to support our family enough for my husband to quit his full time job. To stay at home with us. It would mean the world for me to be able to give him back, what he’s let me experience for the past two years. Experience the little memories with our babes, and participate in the daily adventures we take. He deserves it.


[#5] What advice to you have for moms who have a creative dream in their heart and desire to start their own business from home? 

Just do it!! If you are passionate about something you do, create, or design- take the leap. Take pride in what you make, and share it with the world. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t launch right away, or you find a flaw in your system. Use every experience as a learning opportunity, both good and bad. I’m STILL learning after three years of running my own businesses, and love it! The joy and opportunity it will bring you is immeasurable. Why not give it a go?!


[#6] Share a peek with us of your workspace.  


[#7] Name three momprenuers who inspire you.  

Rosie from Simply Rosie Photography // @simply.rosie & @simplyrosiephotography – her passion for photography and her sweet family, shine through in all of her images on IG. Not to mention, she’s beautiful & has the best hashtags ever. #simplyrosielovescoffee is one of my all-time favorites

Alycia Mealy from Wildflower Dream Catchers // @alyciamealy – how she manages to cook amazing food, capture gorgeous photographs of her son, create whimsical dream catchers, and be so stunning- I have no idea.

Melanie from Starry Knight Design // @starryknightdesign – A Momma who lives off grid with three babes, all while building a house with her husband, and STILL produces the most amazing baby moccasins ever! I have a hard enough time when our internet doesn’t work for a few days... She’s unbelievable, and such a hard working gal. Oh & I would seriously own one of every pair of her moccs if I could!


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