April Desktop + Wallpaper

// Last month, we posted a free desktop + wallpaper download for you, a monthly collaboration we do with Ashley of Thorn&Sparrow. Today, we have another one for you! Just save as desktop on your computer....or as wallpaper on your iPhone. A little Easter gift from us to you! //

Love never gives up. Love is kind & patient, it's not arrogant or rude or resentful. Love has no pride. Love never thinks of itself. Love takes everything that comes without giving up. Love believes all things. Love hopes for all things. And the best news is that love never comes to an end.

So, knowing all the amazing facets of love, we can't help but think how vital a role we have as mothers, wives & friends to lead a life of love. Loving people well is the single most important thing we can do - daily. We all want to be known for how well we loved our children, spouse, family & friends but sadly we miss the mark some days. We get lost in the noise & fail to see the beauty & goodness in the everyday. We're human. We're not perfect but those mistakes sharpen us & refine us to become the people we long to be.

As the beautiful Shauna Niequist stated at Hope Spoken, we want to lay down the busy to pursue the way of love. What in your life do you need to lay down so you can pursue a life of great love? Because a life of great love is a beautiful story.

We want a beautiful story. You want a beautiful story. So, let's refuse to give up. Love never gives up.

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