My Everyday Featuring ... Hailey Bartholomew


[#1] Share with us a snippet of your story.

I married young and promptly had a little girl named Zali. She was gorgeous, the easiest child that ever was... but despite this I just felt so overwhelmed, bored and totally lost in the world of parenting. I think it took 3yrs for me to find a groove where I didn't feel like I was missing out on life constantly because I was home with little people. I desperately wanted to be home and do what this little person that I loved needed in my head... but in my heart... I felt great longing for a life of travel and fun and adventure and film-making! The first 3yrs of Zali's life seemed long and long and foreverish. I loved her desperately but was so dissatisfied. But then something happened and I had another little girl. We found ourselves in the country and I woke up one day and realized this was good. This here - right - now was the thing I would miss one day. I suddenly saw it was going fast and since then it has gone at lightning speed. I now have a 13yr old and a 10yr old - both daughters who are inspiring and wonderful souls to be with.

WE, my lovely man Andrew - otherwise known as @surfistatomato - unschool the girls and run our film/photography business ... I spend a lot of time facing fears and chasing dreams and teaching our kids to do the same. I am at the stage in parenting where I see the beautiful souls our children are and they are no longer our little girls... they are becoming their own selves with opinions and thoughts and plans that are not just reflections of ours. It is amazing and beautiful to be around. I feel like we have two beautiful friends who we get to hang out with lots.

[#2] What is your favorite part of the day with your little one[s]?

Walking on the beach with my little family. WE recently moved to the beach and whenever we walk down the beach and watch the kids practice cartwheels and hand stands and run and play in the water I feel like the luckiest and amazed. Something we all dreamed of for many years is here!! We live by the BEACH!


[#3] Name Three Instagram MOMS who inspire you.

@tarawhitney - I have followed Tara's work for some time then last year I met up with her in person for the first time and while her work is beautiful and inspiring Tara as a person is far more then that. She is a little further along in the world of teens and to me has her head screwed on in an amazing way. I soaked up all the good advice and tips on parenting. I love how grounded and so real Tara is. Very inspiring!

@quigleyquigley - Quigley has 4 gorgeous kids from 6yrs to 13yrs. I am especially in awe of parents who seem to manage to be across a handful of kids... Soulful, kind and fresh faced all 4 of them speak so kindly and play so nicely together and make me happy to be around. I am always inspired to see children so engaged and thoughtful. They are creative and free spirited yet also so much warmth and kindness. I am in awe of how she parents!

@rowetimson - an absolutely gorgeous friend of mine who I love. She and her little family moved to Bali for a big adventure and they have a great life doing that. I am inspired by their adventurous spirit and Rowe has the best research skills of anyone I met... I always ask Rowe for advice on health and nutrition and more! I am hoping madly to go and visit them in Bali soon!

I need one more!
@documentingdelight is my little sister and she is an amazing patient and gorgeous mama. She makes me smile whenever I see her parenting. It is fun seeing your younger siblings have kids. I remember Georgia as a little girl and it is delightful seeing her be the best mama to her own little girl and 2 little men. Her kids are gorgeous kids, so connected and soulful. I think it sounds like I am biased but really I am not. 


[#4] What challenges have you faced in balancing motherhood and your passion for creativity?

When the kids were little I felt my time for creativity was severely cut short. I found I don't work well without a creative outlet. It is as though I lose my zest for life! So then the sharing of creative things with my kids became my outlet. I did photography projects and we did painting and henna tattoos and beading and making chalk and mud pies and sewing and endless craft projects and more creating. Both girls got a daily dose of whatever I was into. Mosaics and sewing, film-making and even a little sculpture! I put my desire to create into action as crafty mum... this worked for some time! The result is they have a pretty good handle on photography and film-making and a variety of other things!!! ahaahahh!

As the kids got bigger and I had more time I needed to follow my own dreams too, I want to model to my children the importance of setting a dream down to paper and chasing it and passionately working towards something. Also I have a unique set up where my husband is largely responsible for the day to day managing of life at home... and I get to do lots of creating as my job! When I have to travel for work we often all go to keep us together as much as possible and also because we love to travel! Our kids get to have amazing experiences because of our work and because they are not at school we can easily pick up and all go traveling or be together so the balance works well at the moment! ;)


[#5] What is a family tradition that you love sharing with your kids?

Right now a favourite one is Monday night. My hubby goes to Italian classes and the girls and I are on our own to make dinner and do something. We sometimes watch girly movies or play cards or chat and chat.. it is fun and something I love.


[#6] If you could give us a peek inside your home - what image would you share and why?

Below is a pic of my hastily un-made bed. I love this bed and the sign above it and the way the kids come in every morning and chat with us and my youngest still sneaks in early in the morning and snuggles to sleep next to me. 

[#7] Share a photo you wouldn't typically post on Instagram but depicts real life happenings.

This is my desk. Very real life. Artwork from the kids that I want to frame, notes and gifts and projects and transcriptions from doco's I am working on... Pens, sunscreen and vitamins and gifts and books and polaroids and all in a terrible big mess next to my laptop. Pretty good example of life here really!! 

My IG account is really my diary of life... but a mostly aesthetically pleasing diary... ;)!!! I used to be more relaxed about what went up there but seeing my husbands IG thread that is so well designed and tastefully curated has inspired me to be more selective. ;)


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