My Everyday Creator Series: Kelly McKnight w/ Mothers Organic

[#1]  When did you launch Mother's Organic and what prompted you to start your own business?

Mothers Organic was started way before our March, 2013 launch. It started when I became pregnant with our first born. It was a 10-month race from the moment we found out we were pregnant to learn, investigate and prepare for the arrival of our child. Like most mothers you develop a type of defensive mechanism to protect and provide the best environment for your baby. I remember researching day and night; reading every mom review I came across, every book I could get my hands on and testing all types of baby gear at our local store. Gradually through my research I began to gravitate to natural, attachment and “green” parenting. I was learning so much about the “common” and “traditional” products that are easily available in our local stores. And as I learned the more disappointed I became. This is where the idea for Mothers Organic was developed. I found myself sharing with other moms, friends and anyone who wanted to listen about certain products and ingredients that we should watch out for, especially when using on our babies. It became an obsession. The learning and sharing was the easy part. What I struggled with most was finding a store that I trusted. This is when we actually developed Mothers Organic. Not the idea but the actual company. We vowed to create a place for parents like us who were concerned and committed to providing the best for their babies. We wanted to make it easy to shop for eco alternatives for families – whether they’re just starting out with eco-friendly products or a seasoned green shopper.

[#2] What tool/marketing strategy has helped you the most in regards to getting your business noticed?

The tool or marketing strategy that has helped our business the most is good ol’ quality customer service. Communication is so under rated! I think having a connection with our customers and allowing open communication whether it consists of product questions, recommendations or even complaints, we want to hear it all. Our customer feedback has helped us grow, improve and also introduce us to some amazing brands, most commonly mom developed products. This open communication has also created loyal customers, who truly know and trust that we have their best interest at hand.

[#3] Share with us a few of your tips on balancing motherhood and business.

Balance!!! The word and idea that every mother strives to create for herself and her family. Let me start with my opinion that balance is so over rated! A special lady by the name of Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked Moccasins once wrote about this in her entrepreneur empowerment movement series. At the time I was still chasing the whole balance idea so this theory of balance being over rated was odd to me. Here I am a wife, a mother of two under two, an entrepreneur running a small business and  I needed to hold onto the thought that balance was possible. Little did I know, balance was just naming priorities. Balance is about the understanding that it’s ok to play with your children even though you have dishes in the sink, that washing your clothes two times because you forgot about that load is quite normal and not having everything perfectly planned or prepped is actually what makes family life, family life. A quote that I remember daily is, “my home is filled with toys, has fingerprints on everything & is never quiet. My hair is usually a mess and I’m always tired, but there is always love and laughter here. In twenty years my children won’t remember the house or my hair but they will remember the time we spent together and the love they felt. Your children only get one childhood make it a good one.” So with that said I do not believe in balance I believe in priorities. My children come to work with me, they are a big contributor in the testing process of the products we carry and they are the reason Mothers Organic was created. To say we are a family owned business is an understatement. This to me is our balance.

[#4] Divulge one of your dreams for your business.

A dream I have for our business is to one day have our own line of products. I would love to create a line from the bottom up that embodies what we here at Mothers Organic represent. Possibly in the baby and toddler feeding area, like bottles, sippys, dishes and utensils.

[#5] What advice do you have for moms who have a creative dream in their heart and desire to start their own business from home?

My advice to other moms who have a creative dream in their heart and desire to start their own business from home is to follow your dreams and never stop chasing them! The initial leap is the hardest because you truly have to trust yourself and believe in your dream. If you can get past that point the sky is the limit.

[#6] Tell us about your working space.

My “home” is my work space. We have an office/warehouse locally but this is my favorite space of all “workwise”. I love that my children can play a part in some of the shipments. My oldest, JJ, can pack an order like the best of them! I try to keep a small amount of inventory here at home for emergency shipments, shipments to our lovely “mom bloggers” to review our products and also I like to include a special handwritten note in each and every one of our orders. This way I can keep open communication and build a relationship with each and every customer.

[#7] Name 3 mompreneurs who inspire you.

@howsefoundation (my sister who started a non-profit dedicated to Lupus Awareness. She is so inspirational. She has been diagnosed with such a life changing disease and instead of falling apart she relied on her faith to guide her and has created this special place for other women and some men battling this disease to help inspire, teach and grow together in raising Lupus Awareness).

@ascotandhart (Jen and Laura are amazing. We’ve had the pleasure to work with Jen on a few occasions and she is by far the sweetest and most creative person I have personally come across. She may not even know how much she is adored but she truly has a heart of gold. Once we did a giveaway with her and although we had numerous entries I watched as Jen thanked every single one of the people who shared, reposted and followed our accounts. I thought WOW that’s amazing. This women is probably beyond busy being a mother, wife and business owner but she still humbles herself to thank each person. That was such a moment for me in which I realized even more why people adore her!)

@zoeorganics (Heather Hamilton is a mom on a mission! She is dedicated to creating the best products possible for baby and mom. She is a wife, mama of 3 and entrepreneur. She makes 100% organic products that we believe are the most effective, safest and best designed products out there. All while she makes that term “balance” look easy!

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