I was privileged to meet several My Everyday moms at @hopespoken this weekend [Kelli was missed terribly!!]. What's so wonderful is that each of us have such beautiful stories & hearing some of them this weekend moved me tremendously.

One being Hannah @wifeysinger [thank you!] when she shared that we have lost our AWE of God's power. Is that true for some of you? It is for me.

We each have been gifted such POWERFUL stories & those stories are evidence that God is REAL. That should cause us to catch our breath! Yet at times, I fail to see the miraculous in my own story because I am busy attempting to write it on my own.

FULL surrender is what we were designed to do & yet our flesh fights it so hard because unknowingly at times we think we know what's best. So rather than having to see His purpose behind everything, I need to simply TRUST His purpose. And gratitude is what will set me free to live a life of surrender. I want to be courageous, happy & thankful every single day. That's where I will find rest ... & be in AWE again. - Vanessa x