They come big and they come small. The best kind are a collaborative effort – when many do their part to impact a life.

I run a program in churches called Embrace Grace, where we inspire and equip the church to love on single and pregnant young women. Small groups within churches are launched around the nation to welcome and embrace young women who are in a situation causing them to worry about their future and sometimes feel so alone. We want the church to be a safe place for these young women to run to, instead of away from because of shame and guilt. I get to witness lovebombs all the time, and the beauty of this is, when a person goes outside of his or her comfort zone to do something nice for another, a glimpse of hope and heaven is given to the person receiving. And when a group of individuals lovebombs someone over a period of time, it absolutely transforms a life. I recently witnessed this kind of love in action and it touched my heart deeply. I watched as God loved a young, single and pregnant momma so much, He was using people to woo her to His heart.

My father-in-law called me and said he had a loveseat, almost brand new, he wanted to donate to an Embrace Grace mom. Since I wasn’t leading on a local level and only on a national level, no one came to mind immediately so I called my sister who was leading a local group and asked if she had anyone in mind. She told me about a young woman named Valerie who was pregnant. She had just moved here from several hours away. She left all her friends who had negatively influenced her life, to be here in Texas around her older sister and have more stability for when her baby boy arrived. She was brave and courageous as she chose to leave everything so she could fully focus on her son. She was in a new town with no job, no car, no belongings, no baby items, and no friends. My sister told me a miracle happened with local housing that was extremely hard to get into, and somehow they had a place for her. She had a place to live, and literally nothing else.

My husband and I picked up the loveseat and headed to deliver it to this sweet momma’s apartment. On the way there, one of my friends called me and said that he had just bought his wife a new car and wanted to donate the older car to an Embrace Grace mom. I was so excited! I called some leaders to see if they knew of a girl who would be a good fit to receive the car, but no one came to mind immediately, but they agreed to pray for exactly the girl to receive the car.

We arrived at this beautiful mom’s new apartment and I fell in love with her immediately. She had a sweet wooden rocking chair that she had found on the side of the road. Other than that, her apartment was completely bare. She was sleeping on the floor. As she began telling us her story of starting over and new beginnings, God put this huge love for her in my heart. I was so proud of her for starting fresh.

She began telling us how she was saving money for a car; she was waiting tables putting money aside for a down payment and trying to find a car in good condition at an affordable price. My husband and I silently looked at each other and we both knew in our hearts in that moment, this was the girl who was going to get that car donation. I didn’t say a word, just tucked it in my heart as I gave her a hug and left.

The next day I posted on social media about a young mom needing apartment items and baby items. The floodgates opened. I was completely blown away by how many people wanted to help. One by one, people started bringing items to her house. One newly married couple came by with an extra bed and delivered it. The husband was in the bedroom with his tools putting it all together as the wife sat and loved on Valerie. They washed fresh sheets and made the bed for her so she had a comfy place to sleep. Someone brought by a kitchen table, and another brought dishes.

Someone else brought a crib, and another person brought a coffee table. It never stopped until she had everything she needed. She couldn’t believe the outpouring of love. Her heart had been turned away from God because of so much hurt and pain she had gone through in her life, but her eyes began to see differently as the love poured on her kept coming. Transformation was happening and she started to believe that maybe God really was real. Maybe God had never left her. Maybe God really did love her and would take care of her.

As she progressed in our program, she got to be a part of a church-wide baby shower where people she had never met bought her all the baby items she needed – brand new! They spoke words of life into her and told her she could do it. Then the day came where we got to surprise her with a car. It was pretty much the best day ever. We lined up outside her apartment and got to tell her the news. Tears of joy overflowed onto her cheeks. She was just a few weeks away from giving birth and that was still the major thing she needed. The previous owner of the car threw in a cherry on top of the giant lovebomb by a sweet letter he wrote to her:


Although we don't know you we definitely have something in common now. Over the past ten years, this car "aka Beauty" has been such a great car. We brought our first boy home in January 2005 just after getting the car and then our second boy in 2007.  We've driven all over on trips, vacations, and family reunions in Beauty. This car was our first purchase after financial hard times. This car means a lot to us. Now, we hope and pray that Beauty continues to be a wonderful car for you!  Amy Ford told us that she was "obsessed" with a soon to be mom, and our hearts leapt knowing you were the one for Beauty.  So, just know that today you are loved not only by God our Father and Embrace Grace but also by a family praying for you and cheering you on to be the best mom ever.


Things to know about Beauty.....

1. She runs perfect

2. We change the oil every 3,000 and you should too!  Speaking of... You need to take it to General Auto for the oil change really soon. It's already paid for just tell them you need an oil change and my name. Sorry, I was going to change it but ran out of time.

3. The remote broke and I bought a new remote cover. The red, panic button is really the trunk opener.

4. The trunk opener switch is under the driver door handle. It's underneath the door handle.

5. The gas has to be opened by a lever on the driver floorboard.

6. It's a pretty new battery.

7. The red key is a valet key

11. I left a guide in the cup holder to help along with the wheel lock key. You must leave this in the glove box because you can't remove the wheels without it.

12. Well, we left one CD for you titled "You Are Loved". You hit the load button and you can put 5 in the CD player.

The sweetest note ever! It’s like a daddy’s note for his daughter. Even though this man never even met Valerie, he felt compelled to give in this way. Valerie accepted Christ into her heart the very next week, just a few days before she gave birth to the most handsome little baby boy.

What I love about this is it wasn’t just one thing that made a difference; it was a community of people who acted when the Lord spoke. It was a community being the hands and feet of Jesus. Whether they donated a cooking pan, picked up and delivered furniture, spoke life into her when she felt the most broken, gave her an extra tip as she waited on their table, put a Bible on her doorstep or bought her a car, all of those acts added up to a life transformed. When we are obedient to what God asks of us and open our eyes to the people craving hope, needing lovebombs, all around us, we start seeing a huge change in our local communities, our states and the world. We can have open hands and open hearts to give in a way the Lord asks of us and by doing so, our own life is changed.