Featured on the Mug Life Project

Last week, I had the privilege an honor of spending a few hours, over the course of two days with Jaymie Shearer.

This young woman is inspiring. She is currently traveling the Western United States, photographing people with their favorite mugs and diving into a topic that I love, which is COMMUNITY. Jaymie is a wise-wise soul and I truly believe she will be [and already is] a voice that her generation will look to, to be encouraged and inspired as we all try and find ways to cultivate authentic community. She’s a world changer. She’s the real deal.

I’ll be honest….there was a part of me that wanted to quickly organize my home perfectly before we decided [last minute] to do a little a interview here, but on the heels of talking about community and inviting people into our homes- as is- and not styled to perfection…..I let it all go and allowed her to photograph my home….as-is and lived in.

You know what? I loved it. I loved that there is proof of a busy toddler living within the walls of our home…..I love that the entry rug has elements from the outdoors because that means people are walking through that door [other than my family, who uses the garage door entry].

Its all about perspective change….and thats exactly what we talked about in the interview, which you can find here.

Definitely visit the Mug Life Project website…and keep up with Jaymies travels on Instagram!

And Jaymie, you know how I feel about you….and the love my heart has for you. So proud of the courage you are walking in….soak up these days…..enjoy the quiet moments. Love you, sister! xoxo