"So, what do you do?"

People frequently ask ... "So, what do you do?" I typically glance over at my children & with a big smile I proudly point & say, "THIS!" Some respond w/ a smirk, some laugh, some applaud or some wait for more. And sure I could give them more, but I don't because what I "do" everyday that matters most in my book is being a mom.

If you're a mom who runs her own business, a mom that has a corporate job, a mom who works from home, a mom who's in school, a mom who devotes all of her time to mothering or a mom who does a few of the above - what we "do" first & foremost is MOTHER.

And while our work as mothers might have inevitable flaws ... it's what we DO best. Our children are our best work ... & I guarantee you're doing a mighty fine job, mama.

Happy Monday! - Vanessa