My Everyday Featuring ... Jessi Connolly

[#1] Share with us a snippet of your story.
I became a Christian when I was fifteen and met my future husband a few months later. We were like high-school sweethearts who sort of tumbled fast and forward for the first few years of our marriage. We were married when I was twenty, got pregnant within our first eight months later, and proceeded to have three kids in just under two and a half years. The last ten years of our life have been tumultuous, but filled with God's grace. Now we find ourselves in Charleston, the church we've been in the process of planting for several years is launching this weekend, we have four amazing kiddos and two online businesses.
[#2] What is your favorite part of the day with your little one[s]?
Most DEFINITELY after dinner, before bed. We read, we giggle, we play, and we laugh a lot. The rest of the day can kind of feel like go, go, go - get it all in! But it's those moments before bed when I really want them to stay up for hours with us because we're all just enjoying each other. 

[#3] Name Three Instagram MOMS who inspire you.
@thetinytwig Inspires the mess out of me because she's one of my closest friends and I see the inside of her life. I know she's genuine and I know her heart is so genuinely passionate about her family and the people God has given her to serve. 

@honeyholden I'm super inspired by Stephanie because she's a few steps ahead of most of the women I do life with. She has grown kids and even a few grandkids, even though she looks like she's in her twenties! It's a blessing to see a woman loving her husband and following her creative pursuits in the steps ahead of me. It gives me vision and hope and I learn a ton from her. 

@laraacasey I'm always crazy inspired by Lara Casey because she's the closest picture I have to what it is I'm trying to do. She's a speaker, an author, a blogger, a shop owner, a business owner, a team member, and she is also a passionate mom & wife. She is honest and humble, but she also realizes that her role is to inspire and spur people on. 

[#4] What challenges have you faced in balancing motherhood and your passion for creativity?
One of the biggest challenges I've faced is just watching my heart. I think it's pretty easy to balance our time, to make a schedule that works that takes care of everything. I can make a to-do list to get it all done or I can enlist help where I need it. But I can't make a list or a schedule that watches my heart and keeps it in check. And it gets wonky. Sometimes I care too much about others approving of my creative endeavors, sometimes my heart gets so wrapped up in business and numbers or projects and tasks that I forget to enjoy my family first. I forget to celebrate and just drink in the day. 

[#5] What is a family tradition that you love sharing with your kids?
Almost every single day, we tell something we're thankful for at dinner. As soon as my kids can talk, they join us - even if they just repeat us for like two years until they say their own thing. 

[#6] If you could give us a peek inside your home - what image would you share and why?
I'd pick this picture of our kids & their friends on the couch. The reality is there are ALWAYS people in our home. I mean, always. And we love it that way. But we want it to be real and lived in and cozy. If you popped in, you wouldn't be surprised to find two or three extra people there, but you would absolutely know you can take your shoes off and grab a seat. 

[#7] Share a photo you wouldn't typically post on Instagram but depicts real life happenings.
This photo of us is VERY real life. Paper plates, throw together dinner, extra friends at the table. But we're all there and talking and eating. 
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