November Desktop & iPhone Wallpaper

Here's another FREE download for you [a collaboration between Ashley and I]! Below is a desktop and iPhone wallpaper for an encouragement this month. I really love this fitting for November, where we are reminded everywhere we GIVE. What gets me with this quote is the challenge.....don't just GIVE, BUT GIVE FROM YOUR LACK. It's easy to give from abundance, but when we give from a place where we really feel it....thats when our hearts begin to change. 

A few goals of mine this month is to give of my time. To open up our home, to have friends around the table and to get to know a complete stranger. My days seem to fly by and our schedules fill up, but it's intentionality that will slow us down and allow us to connect with those around us. I'll begin my social media sabbath in the NEw Year as well [our Weekend Adventure blog series]. It's just a good thing to unplug, slow down and re-connect [face to doesn't count here!]

My dad was so great at investing time into people. He talked with everyone. He knew no stranger. This inspires me to this day. Before my dad went to Heaven- he wasn’t in a good place financially. My sisters and I would all send him what we could to help him out each month and it wasn’t until after he left this earth that I learned that he would use part of the money we sent to buy grocery store gifts cards- to give to others in need. Are you kidding me?!? This didn’t surprise me…this was definitely something my dad would do. My dad always told me that as long as I gave….and helped others, I would be ok. There’s something that happens to our spirit when we take the focus off of ourselves….my dad knew this and I believe this was a huge factor in the joyful spirit that he had even though….times got tough for him.
What are your goals for the month? How do you want to end the year? In honor of my dad….”If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” How can you be intentional with your time and resources…and in what ways can you give till it hurts?!? I challenge you to slow down and bless someone around you with something simple as time, yet it’s something we all seem to lack these days.
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Be encouraged, my friends!
XO- kelli

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