My Everyday Featuring ... Katherine Kuck

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[#1] Share with us a snippet of your story.
Hello! I'm Katherine Marie! Sometimes, when filling out forms where it asks for 'profession,' I half jokingly check the 'other' box and fill in "professional fun-maker, mess-maker, picture-taker!" Really that just about sums me up. I live in the Midwest with my husband and five kids and we make a whole lotta messes. We love to have fun. And I feel blessed to be able to capture it on "film."  Since I'm a list maker at heart, to give you a real snippet of me, I'd like to share a short list of my "life quotes":

1. God loves you just as you are, not as you should be.  Brendan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel 
2. Art is the smile of the soul.  Unknown
3. Be who you are and say what you feel.  Those you mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.  Dr. Suess 
4. You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.  Robin Williams
5. Grace means that ALL of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame.  Unknown
6. If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.  Maya Angelo 
7. What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Herin lies the key to your earthly pursuits.  Carl Jung
8. One day at a time. (If one day seems like too much to handle it's okay to take it minute by minute.)  AA Slogan
9. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.  C.S. Lewis
10. Don't worry my child. I have it all under control. ---God 

[#2] What is your favorite part of the day with your little one[s]?
Life with kids is such a magical adventure! One of my favorite times of the day is when we have our "FUN TIME." Sometimes it's hard to find time when we can squeeze in uninterrupted moments of creativity and adventure, but I have an unwritten rule that we do AT LEAST one fun thing everyday. No matter how chaotic or stressful the day may be, my goal is to purposely create one moment of magic where we can celebrate together. It doesn't have to be elaborate.  Our moment might be as simple as tossing a football back and forth in the living room to practice multiplication facts. How many tosses can we make without making a mistake?!! Or it could be kinda crazy like our annual whip cream fight. If I'm really feeling dedicated it might even be a week long celebration where everyday we plan a different activity based on a theme.  I love creative arts... so anytime we are creating and learning together is my favorite time! 

[#3] Name Three Instagram MOMS who inspire you.
I am absolutely blown away by the creativity, joy and happiness that pours out through--- @jesussauvage / @mandylynnephoto / @annettab . These mamas are all completely different, but the one thing they have in common is that the way they weave creativity into their everyday world. It's pure BLISS!!!  

[#4] What challenges have you faced in balancing motherhood and your passion for creativity?
The part I struggle with the most is fitting all the NON-creative stuff into my day! It's easy for me to make time for creating WITH my kids and FOR my kids because I just love it so much, but tasks like cooking, cleaning and the never ending laundry piles... well that's always an issue around here! My house is rarely clean and I only dream of being truly organized. I think I'm finally getting to a place in my life where I'm okay with that!?   

[#5] What is a family tradition that you love sharing with your kids?
Ohhhh what a task to pick just one! I love traditions like I love sweet coffee on a cold, drizzly day. I'm just crazy about them. Since Christmas is next month, I'll share my favorite holiday tradition. Every year the kids dress up in their Santa suits and hand out treats to the folks mailing off their last minute cards at the post office. It's one way we try to spread a little kindness during the chaos that sometimes accompanies the busy holiday season. Last year the kids gave out hot chocolate packets and Hersey kisses.  Between "customers" they sang carols and danced. I'm getting excited for Christmas just thinking about it!!  

[#6] If you could give us a peek inside your home - what image would you share and why?
My favorite part of where we live is our back yard! I can't decorate AT ALL! I have NO sense of style when it comes to the visual details of my home, but when I'm outside, amidst God's glorious design, that's where I feel most at home! In the warmer months we take projects and adventures outside whenever possible.   

[#7] Share a photo you wouldn't typically post on Instagram but depicts real life happenings.
Typically I have to force myself to share photographs like this one. I hate that nearly every photo of me with my family is horribly out of focus with bad lighting! What I'm very slowly learning to embrace is the beauty in the imperfection. Years from now I won't care that the photo isn't technically correct. I won't care who was looking at the camera and who wasn't. I know I'll treasure the simple fact that we are all in a photo together. 

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