Kelli Trontel x Boba Family

One product that is always on me or in our car......the BOBA carrier. 

I purchased the 

3G Boba Carrier

 earlier this summer [from a recommendation from a friend] and instantly became a HUGE fan. When Vanessa and I had the opportunity to partner with BOBA- this was a no brainer for me! I immediately got super excited to try out a new product and give my review. Vanessa just blogged her review of the 3G 


.......and today, I am blogging about the 



This carrier is super lightweight and the material is thin....think Jansport backpack. I love that this carrier rolls up into it's own bag.....this thing contains itself, which is perfect for the on-the-go mom! I also love that all the tightening straps [shoulders, chest and waist] roll up to eliminate having any dangly fabric. The design and craftsmanship is thought out and very well executed. I really love this color blue too!

I've been on long hikes, walks around the lake and have pulled long hours at

our shop

with baby in tow. What I truly love the most about the BOBA carriers [both the 3G and Air] is how comfortable they are. This is a huge plus for I love being able to wear Ezra [all 27 pounds of him] and have him part of my everyday, without sacrificing my back.

Here are a few images from an evening at the lake....and how I wear the BOBA AIR.