Ezra Turns ONE!

It seems like just yesterday that Vanessa and I were visiting eachother here in Montana....as we were both pregnant! Now....our babies are ONE. Im so thankful to Vanessa as a dear friend....as I have walked out motherhood this year. Momma friends are the best. 

Well, we celebrated Ezra’s 1st birthday a few weeks ago with a few of his little buddies and family, who visited us from Wisconsin & Illinois by car & airplane. This was the first time for Ezra to meet this side of my family….it was a super special celebration. The party was held at the family cabin, where we spent lots of time last summer when Ezra’s was brand new. It’s a quiet and peaceful place, with stunning views all around.

I decided to keep the “Little Brave Man” theme for his birthday, which was also the theme of my baby shower. I loved pulling out all the arrows and triangles that were handmade by my sweet friends. The day brought back so many wonderful memories of my pregnancy that I loved so much.

The day consisted of Ezra’s favorite things:: playing in the sand, hanging out with his little friends, eating, smiling and laughing…..and playing Peek-A-Boo in his new teepee! Below are a few of my favorite photos and details from the day!

We all had so much fun celebrating Ezra. He is loved….oh so much!