August Desktop + iPhone Download

The month is just about over, but


and I were determined to sneak this in just in time!

Life has truly been an adventure this summer….a fun adventure for sure, but also one that has brought on new challenges. Life isn’t aways the “adventure” we hope it to be, but I’d take a wild ride over complacency any day. I’ve been there….in my comfort zone and it scares me to think of living a “satisfied // good enough” life. Being uncomfortable reminds us that we are alive! We have a life to live…and a story to tell.

A sweet friend of mine is currently on a daring adventure- you’ve got to check out

Donny & Joy Prouty’s

story that was recently featured on Yahoo! I love this so much!

I hope you are encouraged by this months download….whether your adventure has you in a valley or soaring high….don’t settle- don’t lose hope. Every season- every tear and every pain has a purpose. 


 DESKTOP // right click & save

iPhone Download