July Desktop + iPhone Download

/// We've got another FREE DOWNLOAD....for your computer desktop and iPhone wallpaper! This is a monthly collaboration between our friend Ashley of Thorn+Sparrow and Kelli. Ashley is the one who created the branding elements here on our blog! We love her! 

Don't you just love the word REFRESH? This is what kept coming to mind for this months desktop. The summertime can keep us all busy, but its so important to stop-be in the moment-and enjoy where we are at. For me, when I'm pulled in every direction possible- my life is anything but refreshing.

A friend of mine sent me an awesome text last week- we were talking about how busy we felt and how we were "running around with our heads cut off." Her reply was simple- to the point- powerful.
"I love that throughout the New Testament it says, 'And Jesus walked.' He never rushed or ran....I have to remind myself of this more than I care to admit."

Especially in this season with Ezra- as he is growing quickly before my eyes....I want to be present. I want to be all in. I want to soak in the little moments. There are things that I need to say NO to- so I can care for my family. My family is my treasure- precious cargo.

If you're a stay at home mom [or dad]- be ALL THERE! What an honor it is to raise up your own children. If you work a 9am-5pm that you're not crazy about....work it out and until a change comes your way, work in excellence! Late night hangout with friends? Who cares what other people are doing Instagram! Be engaged- get in the lives of those AROUND YOU!

I get it- we are creatives- we want to do it all! I challenge you this month.....to take on less so you can do more, and more importantly....BE ALL THERE! Leave distractions behind. Have dinner outside with family &/or and leave your phone inside! Draw a hopscotch game on your sidewalk with chalk...and play like a kid again! I dare you.....I doubt you'll regret it.

Enjoy this months desktop & wallpaper. I pray that this encourages you all month long....

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