My Everyday Featuring ... Krysta Manthe

[#1] Share with us a snippet of your story.
I am a free spirit with a love of bubble baths, almond milk mochas, the beach, good music, and fresh flowers on my dining room table. I'm on a journey to simplify life as much as possible...letting go of material things and exploring the world around us. I'm a mama to my son Crosby, who is 17 months and my step-son, Mikey who is 8 years old. I'm married to an amazingly supportive husband who reigns me in when I need it - I tend to get carried away with ideas sometimes so he keeps me grounded. We're a good pair...he has the patience of a saint!  Five years ago I was working as a Marketing Director for a radiology firm. I loved my job and they were very good to me. However, that year I lost my father unexpectedly and he was very young. Losing him made me look at life with a new perspective. I pushed all fear aside, left my job, and went full time into photography. It has been a wonderful experience and I have never looked back. I have met so many beautiful people, have the opportunity to travel, and get to work from home which means more time with my baby boy. I also currently mentor, teach at The DEFINE School, and have a few other projects in the works that I hope I get to announce soon. More than anything, though, I love being a mother. It is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. There are so many things I want them to experience and want to teach them. At the end of the day, though, as long as they are happy, kind, and know that anything is possible, I feel like I've done right by them. Life is good! 

[#2] What is your favorite part of the day with your little one[s]?
I love so many things about our days together, but I think my most favorite time of the day would be when we lay down together before his nap or before he goes to bed. He is at the age where he is constantly on the go. He's always running around on an adventure. It's really fun to watch, but it means that cuddling time with Mama is limited. Before he goes to sleep, we lay down together while he has his bottle. He snuggles into me and it's the best feeling in the world. He always has to have his face touching mine and likes to twirl my hair. I look forward to it every day as I know that as he gets older, he won't always be up for cuddling. On the weekends we have Mikey, my favorite part of the day would also be watching Crosby when Mikey walks through the door. He adores him and follows him around wherever he goes. The adoration is mutual and I'm so happy they'll always have one another. 

[#3] Name Instagram MOMS who inspire you.
This was actually very difficult for me as I find so many women inspiring for different reasons.  The women in my day to day circle that I converse and interact with daily continuously inspire me. So, I decided to pick three women I've never met, but inspire me through the way they document their lives with their children on Instagram. @andreahanki /  @theroadishome / @kristinamcpherson

[#4] The chores are done, there's nothing expected of you and you've got 45 minutes of personal free would you spend it? 
Meditating, doing yoga, reading, going for a run, taking a bubble bath...anything that will rejuvenate me and calm my mind.

[#5] What are your staple go-to pieces from your closet this month? 
Besides my yoga pants and my husband's t-shirts? :)  I would love to say it's sundresses and sandals, it's still quite chilly here in the Midwest. I'm currently living in my Frye boots, black leggings, and have a weakness for Free People slips. They're easy to throw on and I can wear a sweater or a jacket over them when we go outside. I'm chasing after an energetic 17 month old all day so I'm all about comfort!

[#6] If you could give us a peek inside your home - what image would you share and why?
It would have to be my son's nursery. It's my favorite room in our home. I dreamed about what it would look like for so long and spent a lot of time in his nursery while he was still in my belly.  It's where we play and read and snuggle together. I also love watching my husband (who is 6'5") crawl inside his tee pee to play with him. It's a sight to behold. :) His nursery is a bright, clean space and suits him perfectly. 

[#7] Share a photo you wouldn't typically post on Instagram but depicts real life happenings.
I probably wouldn't post this on Instagram for silly reasons - the frames are crooked, there's dirty laundry all over our bed, etc. But this is our every day. My son usually starts off the day fully clothed and ends up being down to only a diaper by mid-day. It seems like there's always a never ending pile of laundry or something to be cleaned, picked up, sorted through, or organized. Crosby is always at my side so he's right there in the middle of the chaos with me. ...and I would have it no other way!

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