June Desktop + iPhone Download

HELLO friends!
We've got a FREE download for you....for your computer desktop and iPhone wallpaper! This is a monthly collaboration between our friend Ashley of Thorn+Sparrow and Kelli. Ashley is the one who created the branding elements here on our blog! We love her!
I just started reading a new book that is challenging me on how I spend my time and how I view my role as a mother. Not to confuse this with the way the world portrays motherhood, but a Biblical perspective. We also just finished an amazing series atour church called Breaking Camp, which also spoke to deepest parts of my heart and soul. Its a given- life on this earth is short- and it comes to an end for us all. No one escapes this. What matters in the end is who he believe God to be, our relationship status with Him and what we did with the resources and knowledge we were given.
It’s not about us.
We have a lot of things vying for our time. We are distracted by so many things- so easily.
Are we investing our time into things we will regret years from now?
Do I think social media is bad? No…..but like everything, in moderation. It’s a tool and I believe God desires us to use platforms that are available to us for His glory. I also believe that this same tool shouldn’t come in between marriages, relationships, quality time with our children, friends, strangers ect…
The quote for this months desktop collaboration [with Ashley] is SO encouraging to me. It’s a great reminder to me to use my time wisely. To think beyond myself and this world, but others and Eternity. I want to enjoy summertime activities, which include [but not limited to] s’mores and bonfire conversations without distraction. I want to be present…and I want those in my life to feel valued. Our words are powerful and can make a lasting impact.
Want to make a difference? Get in the lives of the people around you. Without distraction. Try it! I’ll be doing the same….
DESKTOP DOWNLOAD: download here

iPhone Download: download here