My Everyday Featuring ... Lara Casey

[#1] Share with us a snippet of your story.
I publish a magazine (@iloveswmag) and help creative entrepreneurs make things happen (@powerfulbrand). I don't have a degree in publishing or business, just a lot of passion and far to many creative ideas. We were joking in my office yesterday that I need to start a #stopthetrain hashtag for when I have a big idea that I need to NOT do. Too many great ideas at once = burnout. I am also extremely passionate about helping business owners make a life that means something. God, family, friends, job. In that order. And if you can get God into ALL of those things, you find true joy.

[#2] What is your favorite part of the day with your little one[s]?
Right when Grace wakes up in the morning. I go in and pick her up, carry her back to bed with me to feed her and then we sing and talk and pray for a few minutes (and watch cute kitty videos on YouYube) before I have to get dressed for the day. That is my favorite.

[#3] Name Instagram MOMS who inspire you.
@KristinRogers is the mom I want to be! She homeschools her amazing daughters (one of whom is adopted) and is SO creative with them. Her dedication to their learning blows me away. The way she shepherds their creative hearts is really inspiring. 
@TheLottofUs has a huge family of adopted children and some with very special needs. This family wows me with the love they share. 
@CaseyChappell is a dear friend who I met through instagram and she is… well, I just don't have words. She adopted four children (notice a theme here with what lights my heart on fire!?) and is a strong woman of God. I love you, Casey!

[#4] The chores are done, there's nothing expected of you & you've got 45 minutes of personal free time ... how would you spend it?
I've always been drawn to the ground. Maybe that sounds weird, but when I am stressed or overwhelmed or totally exhausted, I just lay down on the floor and take a deep breath. I love being close to the earth. So, quiet time would just be laying down, taking a deep breath and praying. I don't do this often because I am usually either working or watching Grace. There's not a whole lot of me time these days, but part of me feels like that's God's design for me at this point in my life. I am selfish by nature and He is teaching me that my time is not my own.  It's meant to be used for giving and building other's up in faith.

[#5] What are your staple go-to pieces from your closet this month?
My @tieks. If I could afford a pair in every color, I would get them. Target T shirts and Target pants in a rainbow of colors!

[#6] If you could give us a peek inside your home - what image would you share and why?
I love my house, but I am always reminded that Heaven will be the best home ever. I try not to get too attached to my stuff. My mantra: You can't take it to Heaven with you! And before anyone asks about my white furniture and having a toddler… I have multiple slipcovers and these are all from Ikea : )

Share a photo you wouldn't typically post on Instagram but depicts real life happenings.
I'm pretty open about posting real life, but here's a shot of what's in my fridge right now. Not a whole lot! We eat a lot around here. The fridge gets empty fast. And yes, that's breastmilk. Grace is still on a bottle and I'm still pumping full time. I'm trying to wean but my hormones aren't cooperating and Grace really doesn't like milk in a cup. We may have to go cold turkey on the bottle soon! 

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