Nominated mom ... Nicole Funk

[#1] Share with us a snippet of your story.
I'm mama to my 12 year old son Logan and soon to be wife! I work in accounting full-time, am a mama full-time and blog/wedding plan in my free time. I had my son when I was 18 and have been a single mom almost all of his life. We have an extremely close and bonded relationship because of that and I am thankful for what we have, every single day. I met my fiance in my early 20's but we didn't start dating until 5 years ago. Now we are living together here in small town Indiana, have added two dogs to our family, are getting married in October and will hopefully be adding some babies to the family soon after that. 

[#2] What is your favorite part of the day with your little one[s]?
My favorite part of the day with Logan is when we sit in the kitchen while I do dishes or make lunches after dinner. We talk about his day, what's on his mind, things he loves, things that annoy him. This time with him and these conversations are so dearly important as he grows older and becomes more independent. I always want him to know he can come and talk to me about anything. This time at the end of the day is just for us, to sit and be open, talk about whatever is on his mind and connect. It's the best and helps me continue to stay close as he grows and changes from a child to an adult.

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