Intern Anna

[#1] share with us a snippet of your story.
HELLO! My name is Anna Dillon. I am a newlywed to Zak Dillon. We just got married this last summer [September 8th, 2012]  and I can already tell you this will be one of the greatest journeys I could experience. We live in the cutest small town...Whitefish, Montana. I have lived around this area all of my life and it is amazing! It has been truly a blessing to be able to grow up here. I am a Barista at the Red Caboose, which is an amazing job. I get to make [what we think is] the worlds best coffee and spend time meeting new and exciting people, that otherwise I would never have the chance to meet and talk to.  

[#2] What do you love most about being newly married? 
I have never been known as the most amazing chef... So getting married I knew this is something that I wanted to get better at. I still couldn't even think of going out for top chef or anything but I am getting there! I love coming home from work and making a dinner for us, and getting to place it on the table and see how Zak's face lights up with pride.  So far, eating dinner at the dinner table has been one of my favorite times as a wife. I feel accomplished for making a meal and our conversation about our days begin. It will always some how end in laughter!
[#3] What are your big dreams in life? 
To be a mother. This is something that I have dreamt about for as long as I can remember. But something that I am learning while being married is to enjoy the stage of life that I am in now. If I keep looking too far forward then I will miss out on the life that I am living right now. The next stage will come quicker then we think it will!

Another big dream I have been developing over these last couple years is to do something in the fashion world. I feel I have always had my eye on the fashion world. I love how much it changes from season to season and year to year. One day I will be starting a fashion blog. My heart is to start a fashion company that provides funds to nonprofits and ministries, but am not sure what that looks like quite yet. That's what a big dream looks like at the beginning, right!? 

[#4] Fashion Staples. 
Winters in Montana are cold. There is no doubt about that! So with the cold comes layers. One of my all time favorite jackets I got at Urban Outfitters. I wear it year round! If I could wear leggings everyday I probably would. I also wear sneaker wedges from Target. They are so comfy and I love the look of them! Lastly, I love adding a little piece of gold jewelry into almost every outfit. It adds that girly flair. 

[#5] Name Three Instagram MOMS who inspire you.
 @jenniferflaherty / @jenlusko /  @alainaguido   

Have your husband describe you in three words. 
Sweet, empathetic, and soft.  

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