Introducing ... My Everyday

HELLO friends!

Vanessa and I are super excited to FINALLY launch a new series that has been in the making since the beginning of summer.

As you know, we are moms, creative types and huge fans of Instagram. We love having a place online to post and share some of our most precious images of the little things that happen through out our day or our week. We also love the online community that is found inside that app. We are more about friends...than fans. And friendships, encouragement, inspiration ect...can all be found on IG and we are here to help you find it!

Introducing ...

We have found some pretty inspiring moms, who do their job so well. Some are well known and many are under the radar, but equally inspiring and deserving of a little spotlight.

Our inspiration behind this project is finding the beautiful mess among the styled perfection, which seems to surround us everywhere we look these days. Life has begun to look all too perfect, which can make us feel inadequate at times.

We see this series as a hub of INSPIRATION for MOM's.....there is SO much distraction out there and we want this to be an easy place for women to find- to be encouraged and inspired by everyday moms, who just happen to be creative and entrepreneurial.

The vision is to be REAL, RAW and AUTHENTIC. To document our real life- just the way it is- and not how we think others want to see it. Photos that show the love we have for our children and our passion for being great moms.

Be sure and follow @kelliandvanessa on Instagram to keep up with this series. You can also see the series by following #myeverydaymoms