instagram weekly // VANESSA


So, as Kelli mentioned in her latest post, we've been a little MIA due to these sweet little babies ... but it's been so great to embrace these tiny babes & spend as much time with them as possible. Stella & I are at a place where we've developed somewhat of a routine, so it's been nice to get back to work ... & blogging!

Last week, Stella & I had the pleasure of traveling to Nashville to be apart of a project my husband & several other friends are working on. I can't wait till it's out & available ... I'll be sure to share all about it soon enough. Nashville is a 2nd home to us because we still have such wonderful friends there that we miss so much. It was great to visit a few & I can't wait to go back & catch up with more of them! Stella was a traveling pro by the time the weekend was over. She is such a happy, sweet baby always ... SO incredibly blessed because Mr. Noah wasn't as easy. Or ... maybe it's that I didn't know what I was doing w/ Noah?! Yeah, probably so. Noah was actually amazing considering the fact, haha. He still loves me, though. ;)

Well, as Kelli mentioned, we are busy working out details on a new project ... it's a GREAT one & we look forward to sharing it soon. In the meantime, happy new school year ... & praying your week is a blessed one. Now ... here's some of my favorite faces from the week! x

p.s. HUGE thank you to thorn + sparrow for my NEW lovely Butterfly Sparks Creative logo. That was definitely a highlight for me this month! She's a true talent & I'm extremely thankful for her beautiful work on my logo + our beautiful Kelli + Vanessa logo! Yeah, she's the best. x