Firecracker Baby...

It's officially JULY! It's not only my birthday month.....but will also be BABY BOY's birthday month! Just not sure of the date just's a waiting game. Any votes?

My mom is in town and we've been putting finishing touches on the nursery and running a few last minute errands. Since she doesn't live in town....I saved a few things to do with her, although she thinks I'm "having this baby by the seat of my pants!" HA! No, mom....I intentionally wanted you to feel part of this season with me :)

My feet are officially swelling throughout the day....I've retired all shoes....and only go for my flip flops everyday. Hey, it's one less choice to make each day! I'm OK with this!

Last night I was constantly wondering when this little guy will make his debut. My personality is definitely more of a spontaneous one, but it's been hard to be in such a season of unknown. Every time I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.....before my feet hit the ground....I wonder if my water will break when I stand up! CRAZY!


Talk about a season of TRUSTING......I know that God is in control and He knows the exact day and time that our little guy will enter into this world. I just have to remind myself to keep calm and focus on what's true....and most importantly,  immediately cancel out any and all fear.

To keep within the spirit of this upcoming 4th of July holiday....and my due date's to my little FIRECRACKER! See you soon, little man.

p.s yes, your dad bought this gargantuan thing I'm holding in this photo. He's ready to welcome you to our world!

**My adorable scarf is by Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess // Red Velvet Art.