Out Of Control.

First of all, I loved all the responses we received from last weeks first edition of MOM MUSINGS! Thank you for the encouraging words [via blog comments and on Facebook]....and for just being part of this blog. Vanessa and I really do desire for this place to be a community for women to learn from and encourage eachother as we all walk out MOTHERHOOD!

Well, tomorrow will be WEEK 38 for this pregnancy of mine. I can not believe how fast this time has flown by....and more than that, how amazing the experience has been for me. Such a blessing! I know this. Believe me. And.....NEVER did I think that I would have a MORNING-SICKNESS-FREE pregnancy.....considering if I doubled up on my birth control pill I would be throwing up within hours! Again, such a blessing!

I'm a pretty go-with-the-flow kinda girl, but it's blowing my mind that NO ONE knows when this baby will decide to join our world. Yes, we have "due dates" but we all know it's more like a "due month!" My husband Reed is having more of a hard time with this than I am.....he's the planner.....and just wants a little more heads up...other than "Hey babe, my water just broke!" HA!

We are entering into a whole new season of life....lots of unknowns and feelings of being out of control. What a huge responsibility we have to care for and raise up this little life that will be joining our family soon.

My middle of the night bathroom breaks have met me with deeper thoughts.....and then I find myself walking down the stairs to grab another glass of water ice....to just clear my mind. I'm anxious to see what our son looks like....I wonder if tomorrow will be the day he decides to make his appearance, I go through my long list of "things to do" in my mind.....I basically think myself back to sleep!

It's amazing how we can feel in control, yet so out of control all at the same time. I know this is part of life.....and will continue to be this way as we welcome the new guy and grow our little family. I'm ready for the change.....we are beyond excited to be a family of 3.

Until then.....we wait, we pray, we prepare as much as we can.....but ultimately we trust. We trust that God will give us what we need....when we need it....as He always does. This pregnancy was no exception- the time was perfect....and so we embrace this gift.

Below is an ultra-sound photo from our 18 week appointment. This is the only image we have of him, since he was covering his face at the last photoshoot! We didn't do any of the 3D-4D-SUPER ZOOM ultra sounds.....so we look at this image and let our imaginations run wild.....

See you soon, little man!