Holy Emotions!

This past weekend was the very last weekend of Reed and I being.....well, Reed and I as:

A family of two.

A couple.....without children.

Our little guy could technically arrive at any point, but this week my mom comes to town and will be here till he arrives.....I'm super excited to have her in town, which will be great! However, just the thought of Reed and I in our house....alone....without worrying about a little one.....got me all teary eyed.

I know what we are trading this life for is for the better. I love how one friend recently put it...."I never knew I was missing something in life until I held my baby in my arms." Awww, so sweet! Can't wait to feel this!

I really haven't been emotional during this pregnancy of mine, but all of a sudden....last week I had a laugh attack, which met me with tears.....I was full on laughing and crying all at the same time. The tears weren't from laughing either- these emotions were separate and kept bouncing back and fourth between eachother. I was a mess!!!

This weekend was a sweet one. We were very intentional about what we were doing.....and just being in the moment. We went to dinner at one restaurant then grabbed dessert at a completely different restaurant! So fun. So spontaneous! We went to the lake twice....and just laid in the sun. We watched a few movies late night- in bed. Made brownies. And....began to pack the hospital bag!

I love how excited Reed is to meet our little guy. I definitely had a harder time with this- this weekend then he did. I just love Reed so much.....and I can't imagine sharing him...or dividing my time....and a big part of this is probably due to how busy we are with our shop [and the demands we have there] and just the real reality that I have of life being short. How does a new family member come in to play? How can I love someone else as much as I love Reed? These are just the thoughts that cross my mind.....on top of desiring to be the BEST mom I can be to our little one on the way.......

Well, another segment of MOM MUSINGS. If you have anything to contribute to our conversations....please feel free to leave us comments! Vanessa and I really want this to be a forum where we can all encourage and learn from eachother.

Thanks for all the encouragement this week.....XOXO, kelli