7 weeks of goodness.

It's hard to believe my little Stella Love is 7 weeks old already. WOW! She's up to 11 lbs, 7 oz ... um, the sister LOVES to eat! Her legs rolls are just as yummy as you'd think they'd be. I need to document those stat. She's perfect. We LOVE her & just can't get enough of the cute little personality that's starting to show. Not to mention, she lights UP when Noah is around. Without saying a word, her huge smile is enough to know that she adores her big brother.

I'm learning to really relish each week because I know it goes by so very fast. Seriously, it seems like yesterday that I was swaddling Noah & changing his size 2 diapers. Sniff, sniff. Here's the little miss getting a check up at the doctor's office this week. She's getting use to the camera ... YES! More to come, then. ;)