October Desktop Download

Free Desktop + iPhone download here on the blog, today! A collaboration between Kelli, Vanessa & Ashley of Thorn + Sparrow.

Autumn offers such rich opportunities to connect with people [strangers & loved ones] and we want to be more intentional than ever. We want to use all that God has given us [our homes, our kitchen table, etc.] to connect with people on a new level. We hope this October download inspires you….to look for new ways to connect and gather, and most importantly…to be intentional.

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Embracing the Routine

I love this little boy so much it wreaks me. Yesterday, was a long day at home w/ the kids. I counted that the three of us spent a total of 13 hours in pretty much the same vicinity. And I'm pretty sure I spent about 3/4's of that time at the kitchen sink cleaning up because it seems as though my kids eat every hour! By the end of the night, my hands were dry, my energy level was a flat zero & yet as they were sleeping soundly - I missed seeing their happy little faces! Today, most likely will look about the same .. we'll run this routine again. Does routine excite me? Not so much. Do my kids thrive in a routine? Without question. I'm slowly learning to [embrace] the routine. A wise mom I follow - @inspiredtoaction - blogged how as mothers we're like firefighters. Here's what she said ... firefighters are extremely routine & scheduled, yet they become heros in a split second. They've chosen the predictable routine & discipline so that when the unpredictable happens, there is no one more prepared. As moms, we live lives of service. We choose to lay down our own desires, embrace self discipline & routine in order to create security for others. How empowering is that? Wise words, Kat! I love being a mom ... I really, really do. Thankful for the reminder of why I do what i do. So, be encouraged today, moms ... you have been chosen to walk this journey - embrace it! As Kat says, we are a sisterhood of heroes - we're in this together. You are a hero. So, with that, have a AWESOME day ladies! 
Vanessa | @butterflysparks xo 

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So, as Kelli mentioned in her latest post, we've been a little MIA due to these sweet little babies ... but it's been so great to embrace these tiny babes & spend as much time with them as possible. Stella & I are at a place where we've developed somewhat of a routine, so it's been nice to get back to work ... & blogging!

Last week, Stella & I had the pleasure of traveling to Nashville to be apart of a project my husband & several other friends are working on. I can't wait till it's out & available ... I'll be sure to share all about it soon enough. Nashville is a 2nd home to us because we still have such wonderful friends there that we miss so much. It was great to visit a few & I can't wait to go back & catch up with more of them! Stella was a traveling pro by the time the weekend was over. She is such a happy, sweet baby always ... SO incredibly blessed because Mr. Noah wasn't as easy. Or ... maybe it's that I didn't know what I was doing w/ Noah?! Yeah, probably so. Noah was actually amazing considering the fact, haha. He still loves me, though. ;)

Well, as Kelli mentioned, we are busy working out details on a new project ... it's a GREAT one & we look forward to sharing it soon. In the meantime, happy new school year ... & praying your week is a blessed one. Now ... here's some of my favorite faces from the week! x

p.s. HUGE thank you to thorn + sparrow for my NEW lovely Butterfly Sparks Creative logo. That was definitely a highlight for me this month! She's a true talent & I'm extremely thankful for her beautiful work on my logo + our beautiful Kelli + Vanessa logo! Yeah, she's the best. x

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It's been a little quiet here on the blog ... hmm, let's see, I guess newborn babies DO keep you pretty busy. ;) Kelli & baby Ezra are doing GREAT and I'm sure she'll be posting all her fabulous pics of the little man soon.

This past week was an abnormal one. The husband was out of town all week, so my AMAZING mom & mother-in-law helped me out ... which I am SO incredibly grateful for. I always have a new found respect for single parents when I'm left alone w/ my littles. It goes without saying it's HARD WORK ... 24/7! It's all worth it, though ... love these babies to pieces. xo